About Scott Lico

Scott Lico’s riding career began at the age of 14 when his parents enrolled him in riding lessons with Jim Hagman of Elvenstar. Jim instilled a solid foundation in Scott and sparked a confidence that one day with hard work and unwavering dedication. he too could become a professional horseman. Scott rode with Hagman for the duration of his junior career before relocating to ride with Karen Healey. Karen forged a strong work ethic in her students, teaching them discipline, precision, refinement, and attention to detail. Lico’s riding rapidly progressed and for three consecutive years he found himself ranked top ten in PCHA for Amateur Jumpers. The following year, Scott began competing in his first Grand Prix’s.

Karen moved to another facility and Scott stayed behind at the Southern California Riding Club to start his professional career working for Mark Cassar and his family. He also served as the assistant trainer of Soprano Farms operated by Misti Cassar. In the summer of 2016, Scott relocated his business to Middle Ranch. Unfortunately, this move wouldn’t last long as the devastating Creek Fire of 2017 burnt down half of Middle Ranch causing an immediate need to relocate. The former management of Middle Ranch recommended a move just up the road to Hacienda Del Valle who were looking to bring in a couple of new trainers. This was the perfect fit for Scott and his business for the next four years. In November 2021, Scott decided to close his business down for personal reasons. He continues to work in the horse industry riding and teaching for barns such as Descanso Farm, Pollyrich Farm, Shelburne Farm, Hurley Equestrian, and Big Bay City.

Scott has had the distinct privilege of working with such masters as McLain Ward, Eddie Macken, Joe Fargis, Thierry Pomel, Jeffery Welles, Richard Spooner, Rusty Stewart, Bernie Traurig, Hilda Gurney, and George Morris. Other horseman who have influenced his training theories include Bill Steinkraus, Bertalan De Nemethy, and Gordon Wright. He continues to participate in clinics with top horseman from around the world to expand his education, and study their techniques and training methods. Scott is a USHJA Certified Trainer believing in the structured system of American forward riding. He hopes to pass the knowledge he has acquired to future generations of riders just as his superiors guided and influenced him.


“After 8 years of training with Scott, I can say that he has not only shaped me, but defined me as a rider. And I am so lucky. Scott doesn’t just teach horseback riding, he teaches horsemanship. In every lesson, whether in the ring or in the barn, he teaches the “why”. Why we tried 8 different bits before finding the right one. Why the 6 inch gymnastics poles are setting my horse up for the 1.35m classic that’s months away. Why I take clinics and written tests throughout his program. Scott doesn’t just move us through the motions of being a good rider, he gives us the responsibility of knowing why we do what we do. Scott’s knowledge of the mentality and anatomy of the horse, as well as the history of our sport, is so comprehensive it’s almost innate. He expects nothing less from his students. This rounded understanding gives you the confidence to make those tough decisions both on the ground and in the show ring. Those defining moments are when winners arise. Scott ingrains in his students that success starts and ends in the details, and that lesson has extended far beyond my riding career.”

Katharine Carroll

EAP National Finalists 2013

West Coast Child-Adult/Amateur Jumper Champion 2012

“My gratitude for having Scott as my trainer is immense. In less than a year, my riding transformed exponentially. He’s unlike any trainer I’ve had, with expectations that we will learn, we will train, and learn to ride our horses through it all. His expectations are high, but his belief in us and our abilities is higher. And because of that, I accomplished so much I never anticipated. I knew in my mind if Scott thinks I can do it, I can do it. And that honestly is his secret to making successful riders. He’s always encouraging us to see that we are better than we give ourselves credit for. And that is beyond unique and may I say rare in a trainer. He cares immensely about the horses and their well-being too, having a depth of knowledge that’s honestly insane. I so admire that he is always encouraging us to read, watch videos, and expand as athletes both in and out of the arena- as he does. I can’t say enough about how amazing and epic of a trainer I think Scott is. If you want to excel beyond your imagination, Scott hands down is who you should train with.”

Dr. Pernilla Nathan