Scott's Articles

How to Overcome Riding Injuries

Five tips to overcome a riding accident or injury and get back in the saddle successfully.

How Do I Stop My Horse from Lowering his Head When Jumping?

Strategies to deal with a horse who is playful or bucks while on course.

How to Discourage Knockdowns

Strategies to help a horse who knocks down rails while jumping.

Riding Without Stirrups

Why riding without stirrups should happen more often than “No Stirrup November”.

Dressage for Jumpers

Control over fences developed through proper flatwork.

Draw Reins

When correctly used, draw reins can be of great value to the horseman.

Picking Out a Young Jumper Prospect

Tips to help you pick out the right young horse.

Teaching Your Horse the Liverpool

Train your horse to jump the liverpool with confidence.

Got Game?

It starts with having a game plan.