BOARD- $800 per month (Includes 4 flakes of either oat, bermuda, or alfalfa hay; $85-$170 additional for timothy or orchard hay)

FEED AND SUPPLEMENTS- Billed individually by horse

FULL CARE SERVICE- $650 per month (Includes use of tack room, basic supplies and laundry, grooming, tacking up, untacking, clipping, turning out, hand walking, blanketing, baths, icing of legs, bandaging of legs, worming, mane pulls, assisting veterinarian, feeding of grain and supplements)

TRAINING PROGRAM- $700 per month (Up to 5 services per week including group / private lessons, rides, and lunging)

LESSON- $100 (group or private; lesson horses not available)

TRAILER IN FEE- $40 (per visit)

DAY FEE- $60 (24 hours; includes 12′ x 12′ box stall with shavings, hay, and mucking)

BODY CLIPS- $150 per clip (To be done at trainers discretion)